About Us
Children Painting
Art is a perfect channel of expression for any age. Given the opportunity, you might
be really surprised by how well your children express their emotions or experiences
through art.
Established in Feb 2005 and incorporated in Jul 2007, Art Zone caters to both the
expatriates and local community. As our students are from different parts of the
world, our classes are well planned to balance the east and west teaching approach
to cater to the different cultures and upbringing of our students.
We believe every student should be guided according to their individual’s learning
ability and perception level. To enable our students to experience the joy of artistic
expression, they are given vast opportunities to express their ideas, imagination
and experiences during their learning process. Students will
also be exposed to many art concepts and techniques in a simplified and fun way.
Art Zone children art work
In addition to our popular on-going Creative Art Learning Programme, we
also conduct flexi-time art & craft workshops such as paper, woodcraft,
canvas and mural painting, clay work, collage, papier mache, craft work
using recycled/waste materials, team projects, etc. Many of our workshops
are featured in renowned magazines, newspapers and news journals.
Call us today! Let your children experience art in a fun, inspiring and
intellectually stimulating environment at Art Zone.
Private or Corporate Events/Functions
Looking for a place to host your company's or personal events? At Art Zone, we not only cater to kids but also to adults. An ideal place for birthday art parties, group workshops, team building and corporate events.