01-31 Jan:
Flexi-time Art & Craft Workshop
01-08 Jan:
Make your own Monster Mirror!
09-16 Jan:
Canvas Art Workshop
17-24 Jan:
Penguins Of Madagascar making
25-31 Jan:
Anime Workshop
01-31 May:
Canvas Art Workshop
01-08 May:
Paint a gift box for Mother’s Day!
09-16 May:
Mother’s Day Card Making
17-24 May:
Ladybugs Garden Craft
25-31 May:
Mosaic Craft Art Workshop
01-30 Sep:
Canvas Workshop
01-08 Sep:
Techniques & Skills Art Workshop
09-16 Sep:
Make your own Camera Craft!
17-23 Sep:
Make your own Dragon!
24-30 Sep:
Mosaic Art Workshop
Art Camps
03 Sep:
Underwater Life Camp
05 Sep:
Garden Magic Camp
01-28 Feb:
Art Learning Program
01-08 Feb:
Animal Signage Making
09-15 Feb:
Jewelry Box Painting
16-22 Feb:
Unicorn Craft
23-28 Feb:
Clay Art Workshop
01-30 Jun:
Flexitime Art & Craft Workshop
01-08 Jun:
Viking Ship Mini Project
09-15 Jun:
Big Canvas Painting Workshop
16-22 Jun:
Build your Pyramid Sculpture
23-30 Jun:
Robot Signage Craft
Art Camps
4 Jun:
Flower Power Art Camp
6 Jun:
Sail Away! Art Camp
11 Jun:
Fruity Dazzle Camp
14 Jun:
Magical Wonder Camp
20 Jun:
Cutie Patootie Art Camp
22 Jun:
Let’s go for a Day Out!!
(Outdoor Excursion)
26 Jun:
Save the Earth Art Camp
28 Jun:
Van Gogh Art Camp
01-31 Oct:
Creative Art Workshop
01-08 Oct:
Fly off with your own Jetpack craft!
09-16 Oct:
Ariel Mermaid Craft Box
17-23 Oct:
Create your own Halloween mask!
24-31 Oct:
Little Halloween Craft Workshop
26 Oct:
Halloween Night Party!
01-31 Mar:
Acrylic Painting Workshop
01-08 Mar:
Dinosaur Sculpture Making
09-16 Mar:
Art History Canvas Workshop
17-24 Mar:
Garden Mirror
25-31 Mar:
Mosaic Craft Workshop
Art Camps
12 Mar:
Underwater Abyss Camp
14 Mar:
Sweet Treats Art Camp
16 Mar:
Around the World Art Camp
04 Jul:
Rainbow-Pow! Art Camp
10 Jul:
Wonders of the World Camp
17 Jul:
Outerspace Art Camp
19 Jul:
Superheroes Art Camp
24 Jul:
Furry Kingdom Art Camp
31 Jul:
Pirates Ahoy! Art Camp
01-31 Nov:
Holiday Craft Workshop
01-08 Nov:
Manga Art Workshop
09-16 Nov:
Snowglobe Craft Workshop
17-23 Nov:
Olaf Icehouse Craft
24-30 Nov:
Christmas Special Crafts!
Art Camps
21 Nov:
Recycled Art Camp
27 Nov:
Animal Fun Camp
29 Nov:
Snowland Art Camp
01-30 Apr:
Junior Art Program
01-08 Apr:
Castle T-box making
09-15 Apr:
Picasso Mask Making
16-22 Apr:
Make a Secret Garden craft
23-30 Apr:
Crocodile Craft
01-31 Aug:
Junior Assessment Package
01-08 Aug:
National Day Canvas/Craft Workshop
09-16 Aug:
Make a beautiful Flower Vase Craft
17-24 Aug:
Big Canvas Workshop
25-31 Aug:
Create a Mini Beach (complete with a hammock!)
Art Camps
01 Aug:
National Day Art Camp
06 Aug:
Summer Art Camp
15 Aug:
Monet Art Camp
01-31 Dec:
Christmas Festive Program
01-08 Dec:
Peacock Collage Art
09-16 Dec:
Make a mini X’mas Tree!
17-23 Dec:
Christmas Canvas Workshop
24-31 Dec:
Festive Art Workshop
Art Camps
03 Dec:
Foodieeee! Art Camp
05 Dec:
Icy Winter Camp
11 Dec:
Dinosaur Art Camp
14 Dec:
Christmas Art Camp
17 Dec:
Jingle Jingle! Art Camp
19 Dec:
Andy Warhol Art Camp
24 Dec:
Ocean Wonders Camp
28 Dec:
Back to School! Art Camp